4 Types Of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are some of the most precious stones around. They're tough and brilliant, especially when cut to catch the light. Diamonds are often given as romantic gifts because their durability symbolizes eternal love. Diamond earrings make excellent gifts to give to loved ones or yourself. They come in various styles for every occasion. Here are four types of diamond earrings you can wear to create different looks: 1. Solitaire Earrings

Ways To Make Sure Your Engagement Ring Is Unique

If you are planning to propose to your partner and are ready to go ring shopping, you may have many things on your mind. One of those things might be making sure that the engagement ring you pick out is unique and perfectly suited to your partner's tastes and style. This can be a daunting task to undertake. However, there are ways that you can go about making the uniqueness factor easier to come by.

3 Non-Financial Benefits Of Selling Your Old Gold Jewelry

When most people contemplate selling some of their unwanted gold jewelry, they generally think about the financial benefit of doing so. But selling old items for cash is more than just a monetary gain. It also provides non-financial benefits. Here are a few that could help you in a variety of ways.  1. You're Not Wasting Money or Space Broken, unattractive, or outdated jewelry isn't something you're likely to want to wear.

5 Real Jewelry Trends For A True 1950s-Inspired Wedding

Are you planning a 1950s-inspired wedding? Coordinating the right jewelry for a vintage look is a big part of crafting a successful outfit. But how should you accessorize your 50s dress and hair? Here are a few 50s trends that will complement any style of dress.  1. Costume Pieces. The 50s were a period of fun and boldness when it came to jewelry. Costume jewelry started to really take off after the austere war years, favored both for its excess and its inexpensive prices.

3 Tips To Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe

Congratulations — you're engaged! Now that you have that gorgeous sparkler on your hand, you may be wondering how to proceed with your everyday life without ruining or losing that ring. Since replacement rings can be expensive, it is important to do everything you can to keep your ring safe. Here are three tips to keep your engagement ring safe. 1. Be Careful On Social Media If Kim Kardashian has taught us anything, it is about the importance of being careful what you flaunt online.