4 Types Of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are some of the most precious stones around. They're tough and brilliant, especially when cut to catch the light. Diamonds are often given as romantic gifts because their durability symbolizes eternal love. Diamond earrings make excellent gifts to give to loved ones or yourself. They come in various styles for every occasion. Here are four types of diamond earrings you can wear to create different looks:

1. Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire earrings are the most classic style of diamond earrings. They feature a single stone designed to be worn on the earlobe. Solitaire diamond earrings can be cut in a number of styles. Square cut diamonds are bold and assertive. This cut can pair well with modern, sleek styles. Round cut diamonds are more traditional. Round solitaire diamond earrings are universally flattering and can be worn for any occasion, whether casual or formal. Solitaire earrings come in many sizes to suit your budget and style.

2. Bar Earrings

Diamond bar earrings are rectangular studs that can be worn horizontally or vertically on the ear. These bars are made up of small diamond studs to create a surprisingly elegant yet modern aesthetic. Diamond bar earrings are a good choice for people who are active since their small size won't get in the way of vigorous physical activities. You can choose between a white gold mount, which will blend in seamlessly with your diamonds, or a yellow gold mount for a more striking visual effect.

3. Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop earrings feature diamonds cut in an elegant teardrop shape. These earrings are usually created to dangle elegantly from the ears. Dangling earrings can catch the eye, drawing attention to the elegant curve of your neck. These earrings are perfect for showing off with an updo hairstyle. They're classic enough for the office but modern enough to be worn by those who are fashion-savvy.

4. Stacked Earrings

Stacked diamond earrings are made in an opulent style that can showcase your good taste. These diamond earrings are similar to teardrop earrings in that they dangle, but they feature a greater number of diamonds. Two or more diamonds are used to create a delicate cascading effect with dangling earrings. Each diamond is placed directly below the one before it, to create a sparkling, eye-catching piece of jewelry. Stacked diamond earrings are a great choice to commemorate an anniversary or another special event. They're also a great accessory to wear for special occasions.