5 Real Jewelry Trends For A True 1950s-Inspired Wedding

Are you planning a 1950s-inspired wedding? Coordinating the right jewelry for a vintage look is a big part of crafting a successful outfit. But how should you accessorize your 50s dress and hair? Here are a few 50s trends that will complement any style of dress. 

1. Costume Pieces. The 50s were a period of fun and boldness when it came to jewelry. Costume jewelry started to really take off after the austere war years, favored both for its excess and its inexpensive prices. Recreate this feeling of exuberance by adding your own oversize pieces. For a glamorous look, opt for faux jewelry that mimics a real gem or metal. For a fun and flirty look, choose handmade jewelry that is obviously unreal. 

2. Parures. Another trend that women of the 50s enjoyed was the matched set. A parure, or jewelry set, consisted of several coordinating or matching items — usually a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Brides might want to add a wedding tiara to this set to create what's known as a full parure. The parure makes jewelry choice and coordination easy since everything comes in one package. 

3. Pearls. Few decades are more synonymous with pearls than the 1950s. During this period, even young women celebrating the arrival of their adult era did so with beautiful, handcrafted pearls. Add this classic and elegant jewelry to your bridal look with a long necklace, choker, earrings, or bracelet. Dainty pearls go with nearly any bridal look and will be a timeless addition to your jewelry collection. 

4. Gold. Gold trends come and go, but a 50s bride would have used traditional yellow gold in her jewelry. That gold hue doesn't have to be solely the result of actual gold metal. It could come from costume pieces, stones, or other materials too. Gold makes an excellent complementary color against white and ivory dresses as well as many other wedding colors. 

5. Brooches. Brooches aren't nearly as common as they once were, but a bride still benefits from this classic jewelry piece. A diamond, costume, pearl, or metallic brooch can liven up a simple dress or provide a needed focal point. Use it to pin a 50s-inspired cardigan together. Or add them to your hair or bouquets for an easy pop of glamour. 

If you look for a piece of jewelry — or several — that reflects the true styles and sentiments of the period, your 1950s wedding will go from average to spectacular. Want to learn more about the era? Start by consulting with a handcrafted jewelry designer in your area today.