Ensuring You Are Pleased With the Results From Selling Your Gold

If you have gold jewelry that you would like to sell, you may be concerned about getting a fair price for the items. Here are a few suggestions to help ensure that you are pleased with the end results of your gold-selling venture.

Have the Items Appraised

Before you decide to sell your gold jewelry to a purchaser who only pays based on the weight of an item, be sure to have the jewelry appraised. Antiques and jewelry with intricate craftsmanship may be worth more than the weight of the precious metal that they were fashioned from.

Be sure to have the appraisal performed by a knowledgeable jewelry dealer who is accustomed to buying and selling antique pieces.

Know the Type of Gold That You Are Selling

Gold is available in various concentrations. Knowing the karats of the gold in your jewelry can give you a better understanding of the actual gold content in the items. Pure gold is designated as 24-karat gold. However, gold concentrations of 10 karats, 14 karats, and 18 karats are regularly sold.

18-karat gold is comprised of 75 percent gold. The remaining metals in the jewelry make up the other 25 percent. 10-karat gold is only about 41 percent gold. Additionally, 14-karat gold contains about 58 percent gold.

Be sure to have the gold of different concentrations weighed separately as the value is assessed. If all of your gold jewelry is weighed together and you are paid for only the lowest karat value, you will not receive the highest price for your jewelry.

Have Your Identification Ready

Gold buyers may be required to confirm your identity. Generally, only government-issued identification cards are acceptable.

Don't Sell Items of High Emotional Value

If you have a strong emotional attachment to a piece of your gold jewelry, don't sell it on impulse. A rash decision may result in regret later on. It is important to be sure that an item is not more valuable to you emotionally than it is financially.

Many people who sell their gold jewelry are most comfortable selling items that are broken, unfashionable, or have no emotional value.

Research the Current Gold Price

The price of gold per ounce fluctuates regularly. Still, keep in mind that the price that buyer's offer for the jewelry will likely be different from the current price of gold. Nevertheless, current prices can help serve as a good reference point.

If you would like to sell gold, schedule a consultation with a reputable gold buyer in your local area.