Decisions To Make When You Shop For A Cuban Chain

If you're a person who is looking for a necklace that will stand out, your local jewelry store will have all sorts of options. Few necklaces will have as much of a visual impact as a Cuban chain. Popular among athletes and hip-hop artists, this bold piece of jewelry is known for its thick, heavy appearance. Jewelry stores sell Cuban chains in many different styles, making it possible to buy one of these pieces of jewelry even if you don't have a celebrity's budget. When you assess your options, here are some decisions that you'll need to make.


The length of different Cuban chains can vary significantly. Some people choose short Cuban chains, which means that this necklace will sit at the base of your throat. Others favor having this necklace longer, perhaps ending somewhere above your chest. You'll need to think about how you want to look and what clothing you typically wear. For example, if you wear lower-cut shirts, you may find that a shorter chain that hangs above the top of your shirt is the right choice for you.


When you look at several different Cuban chains, you'll commonly see the weight of each piece listed on the tag. This is a type of necklace that can be very heavy, but there are also lighter-weight designs that may suit you. Think about what type of weight you want. Some people like the feel of a heavy chain around their neck, but this feeling may lose its appeal over time if you plan on wearing the necklace a lot. A lighter Cuban chain can still look stylish but not put as much pressure against your neck.


A lot of Cuban chains have a simple design, consisting of the chain's thick links connected close together. You'll see other examples of this type of chain with extra features, namely in the form of gemstones embedded in each of the links. If you have a larger budget, a Cuban chain with diamonds embedded in it might appeal to you. This type of necklace does a good job of showing off your wealth if this is one of your goals. There are more affordable alternatives to diamonds that can still give your Cuban chain a sparkly appearance. For example, you might shop for a chain that has crystals to synthetic diamonds. Browse your local jewelry store's website or visit in person to shop for a Cuban chain.