3 Tips For Getting Your Body Chains To Stay In Place While Dancing

Body chains are a popular wardrobe addition this summer, and they are especially popular at music festivals and EDM parties. Body chains can turn a simple dress or tank top and shorts into an interesting, glamorous outfit. However, if you are wearing body chains at a festival, it is likely that you will want to spend some of your time dancing, which can cause some chain styles to tangle, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction. To prevent a chain tragedy, try these tips for getting your chains to stay in place while you move your body. 

Opt for Chains With Multiple Anchor Points 

Body chains come in several different styles. Many sets have a single anchor point, usually around your neck (like a necklace), which the rest of the chains fall from. This gives the chains a loose, free appearance. However, this is not ideal for dancing. Instead, you should opt for chains that have at least two anchor points. For example, besides fitting around your neck, the chains should also fit snugly below your bust or around your waist. This will help keep your chains in the proper order while you dance. 

Make Sure Your Chains Are the Correct Size 

Body chains come in several different sizes and many are slightly adjustable. It is important to opt for chains that lay flat against your body without cutting into your body. If your chains are too tight, they will likely roll up against your skin, tangling with the other chains in the set. However, if they are too loose, you run the risk of the excess getting tangled. You should keep in mind that many shops often custom body chains that can be made to fit you perfectly. 

Practice Moving In Your Chains Before the Festival 

If you have never danced while wearing your body chains, you may want to give it a try at home before you leave for your festival. You should try similar dancing movements that you will use at the festival. This will let you know if you can expect any problems. Furthermore, you may decide to pin certain areas of your chains to your outfit in order to facilitate easier movement without the risk of tangling or snagging. 

Body chains can be a great addition to your festival wardrobe. However, it is important that you plan ahead by ordering chains that are appropriate for the level of movement you engage in and try the chains out before you leave for your festival. For more information on body chains, check with companies like Be Goldish.