Inherit Jewelry You'll Never Wear? How To Make The Most Profit

Did you inherit a ton of jewelry from a relative or friend but you know that you'll never wear it? You could end up selling the pieces if they're made of precious metals and stones, and purchase something to remember the person by that you would wear on a regular basis.

There are a few things you want to do before you get rid of the jewelry to make sure that you get what the jewelry pieces are worth. Here are important things to consider.

Have Each Piece Appraised

At a licensed jewelry retailer you can have each item cleaned and then appraised. This will be what the item is worth in the current market. The current cost of gold, silver, and the gems or stones will determine the appraisal price. Once you know this you can decide if you want to keep, sell, or have the items melted down for the gold. Depending on the value of the pieces, the jewelry store may offer to purchase the items from you and put them on the shelves.

Find a Gold Buyer

If the stones aren't worth a lot of money or if you want to take out the stones and have them made into something else, find a gold buyer in your area, like Gold for Cash or another location. The buyer will weigh the gold and remove the stones, giving you the money for the gold. They may be willing to take silver at that time. This gives you money to use towards the new pieces you want.

Sell the Items Individually

Are there items that you don't want to wear but are more valuable if you sell them individually instead of melting them down and extracting the stones? If so, take these items and market them to people in the area online, or ask a local jeweler if they want to sell the pieces and take a commission. This may be a fast way to get rid of the items and get the money.

You don't want to walk into a store and sell the items without knowing what they are worth, and without knowing what the current cost of gold is. If so, you may leave a ton of money behind and then it could be a waste of your time to sell the different pieces. If you are ready to get rid of some jewelry make sure you follow these steps to get the most out of the collection.