Keeping Track Of Jewelry Trends For Prom Night

Prom season is coming up, and keeping track of jewelry trends can help you to add a little glamour to your special night. While the dress gets most of the attention, your accessories can help to take a drab dress and make it fabulous. If you want to make a statement that people will be talking about for reunions to come but are running short on ideas, then checking into current jewelry trends might be just what you need. 

Rose Gold

Gold has been in demand for millennia, but rose gold is a little late to the show. Go back a few years and no one was talking about rose gold, but today, you can find it featured on everything from smartphones to eye shadow. Furthermore, rose gold is a good neutral color, so no matter what color of dress you plan to wear, you can wear rose gold accents. 

Trendy Shapes

As important as the color of your jewelry is its style. While not every style of trendy fashion jewelry may be appropriate for a prom dress, you should be able to find something that will work. For example, ear cuffs are a current trend, but many conservative school officials might consider such jewelry extreme. On the other hand, a cross or crystal should not raise any eyebrows. While you might want to push the boundaries for your big night, there is no need to risk being barred from the dance because of a clothing or accessory choice. 


Depending on your budget, you might not be able to afford expensive jewelry and a primo dress. In order to get the most for your money, you can look at classic materials with a trendy design or made by a trendy manufacturer. Both rose and white gold are made by mixing alloys with pure gold. In the case of rose gold, copper alloys give the gold its color, and in the case of white gold, any white metal should work including silver, palladium, or nickel. Just because you want to look trendy doesn't mean you have to blow your whole budget on a fancy piece of jewelry. 

For good or for bad, prom will be a night that you will remember for years to come. If you want to make sure that your night is one you will want to remember, make sure that you prepare every needful thing. The right attire will help you to make a good impression on your peers.