Three Great Gift Ideas For The Coin Collector In Your Life

If you're not a coin collector yourself, it can be hard to know what to buy for a coin collecting friend on their birthday. Without detailed knowledge of which coins are most valuable and what they should sell for, you'll have a hard time actually adding to their collection. However, that does not mean you cannot use their coin collecting hobby as inspiration for your gift. Here's a look at three great gift ideas for coin collectors -- you don't have to know much about coin collecting to purchase any of them!

An Indian Head Cent Necklace

Indian head pennies were minted in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They're popular among coin collectors, but they're also quite common. You can find a lot of jewelry made from Indian head pennies. Necklaces that feature an unaltered penny inside a plastic case are one option. There are also bracelets with a similar design. This makes a great gift for your coin collecting friend, since it lets them show off their love of coins to the world. Plus, if they should happen to lose the jewelry, they don't have to be overly concerned, since most Indian head cents (especially those used in jewelry) are only worth a few dollars.

A Book About Coins From a Certain Era or Region

Does your friend collect coins from a certain era or nation? For instance, some collectors focus only on US coins, while others might focus on coins from European nations in the 1900s. Buying them a book about coins from a different region or region will help them expand their knowledge into a new realm of coin collecting. If your budget is a little bigger, you can even buy them a series of books about the same region or era.

A Cleaning and Protecting Set

Coin collectors of all varieties have to do some sort of cleaning and preservation with their coins. Look for a cleaning and preservation set; these make useful, affordable gifts. Typically, they contain some polishing cloths, some solution for cleaning coins without damaging them, and a set of plastic sleeves for storing and protecting coins. Even if your friend already has some of these supplies, they can always use more as their collection grows.

Your coin collecting friend is sure to be pleased with any of the gifts above. And who knows -- in the process of buying their gift, perhaps you'll become interested in coin collecting yourself! Share