Fun Ways To Ask Your Partner To Marry You

If you are going to ask your partner to marry you, you may be a bit nervous about how to pop the question in a way that will be remembered and appreciated. If you plan on using a ring to propose, maybe one that you purchased from Rinehart Brothers Jewelers, there are several ways you can surprise your significant other with the question while using the ring as part of the proposal. Here are some fun ways to ask your partner for their hand in marriage.

Hold A Scavenger Hunt

Write out a bunch of clues for your partner to solve, leading to some surprises along the way. Make each clue meaningful, such as going to the location of your first date or the spot where you first kissed. Have your partner's friends and family meet them near the last stop of the puzzle. This will intrigue your partner. 

At the answer of the last clue, have your partner find the engagement ring. Be hidden in view of the proposal area and ready to ask your partner to marry you while their friends and family are able to watch from a short distance away. Make sure to hire a photographer to capture the special moment.

Orchestrate A Show

Consider holding a flash mob to ask your partner to marry them. Let a few friends know of your intentions and have them ask some of their friends if they would like to participate. Alternately, look online for flash mob webpages in your area to have complete strangers help you with your proposal. Meet with participants ahead of time or email instructions to those that wish to help out. 

Make sure the flash mob happens in a very public place where you intend to bring your partner for the proposal. They will be caught off guard as music begins to play and people begin to dance. Have a few people hold cards with the words "Will You Marry Me?" and then get down on your knee with the engagement ring in view.

Get Animals Involved

If your partner has a dog or cat, have them help you out with the proposal. Paint a dog or cat collar to include the proposal on the band. Wait until your partner is busy and slip an engagement ring into a box that slides onto the collar. Place the collar on the pet. See how long it takes for your partner to notice that their pet has something hanging around their neck and watch the drama unfold!